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Heike Endter is an independent scholar and author. She completed a vocational training as a typographic designer. After that she studied art history, journalism and classical archaeology at the University of Leipzig (Germany). Having completed her MA thesis on "Death and Photography", she went to Munich where she became an art critic for national German newspapers and international art magazines. In addition she began working as an author for an art gallery in Munich. She wrote her PhD thesis about "Economic Utopias and their Images in Science-Fiction-Films" and received a doctorate from the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Heike Endter works in the field of visual studies and media theory. She publishes material on contemporary art and popular film. She has given presentations on her academic work in Lausanne (Switzerland), Zurich, Amsterdam, Oxford and Limerick (Ireland). Her current research is devoted to the depiction of exile and migration in Westerns. Furthermore she is writing about "animal humans" and "human animals" in contemporary art and she is organizing a retrospective exhibition of the work by the German conceptual artist Stefan Demary.