Academic Talks

"Auserwählt. Eine genreübergreifende Analyse religiöser Narrative im Film", seminar with Lukas Grill and Wolfgang Luley, University of Frankfurt am Main, 2018/19

"Current Research", seminar on "Die Verheimatlichung der Welt. Western und Migration", University of Munich, January 2019

Theologischer Filmthementag on "Cloud Atlas. Genderverqueere Rollenmuster auf dem Weg zur Rettung der Menschheit", University of Frankfurt am Main, November 2018, workshop and talk

"Die Verheimatlichung der Welt. Western und Migration", University of Frankfurt am Main, October 2016

"The Imitation of the Other: Little Big Man and Iron Eyes Cody", 3rd International Conference Strangers, Aliens and Foreigners, Mansfield College, Oxford, September 2011

"Migration as Identity", Workshop Articulation(s), University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis ASCA), March 2010

"Zum Western Hombre von Martin Ritt", at the conference Identitaeten in Bewegung - Migration im Film, University of Zurich, February 2010

"Narrow and Wide: the Dichotomy of Spatial Codes as Metaphors of Utopian Thinking", 9th International Conference of the Utopian Studies Society, University of Limerick (Ireland), 2008

"Economic Utopias and their Images in Science-Fiction-Films", Conference for Young Swiss Art Historians, University of Lausanne, 2005

Artists' Talks

21st March 2013: Conversation with Gisela Krohn and Dr. Johann Georg Prince of Hohenzollern, Munich, Gallery Wittenbrink

16th December 2012: Conversation with Kim Reuter and Peter Thol, Munich, Gallery Wittenbrink

16th September 2012: Conversation with Rolf-Gunter Dienst, Munich, Gallery Wittenbrink