Make the World Your Home

Book on Westerns and Migration

In October 2017 my new book Die Verheimatlichung der Welt. Fünf Essays zu Western und Migration (Make the World Your Home. Five Essays on Westerns and Migration) will be published by Neofelis, Berlin.

Neofelis is a young, innovative publishing company with a focus on cultural, jewish, gender, media and animal studies.

link to neofelis

Florian Thomas

A new book

On December 12th a new book presenting the art of Florian Thomas will be launched at Gallery Wittenbrink in Munich. This beautiful and wonderfully extravagant book reflects the flamboyant artistry embedded in Florian Thomas's work. It has been produced with coloured edgings and utilizes a mixture of inserts, fold-out pages, transparencies and other surprises to achieve optimum presentation of the art work.

Daniel J. Schreiber, the new director of the Buchheim Museum in Bernried, provides a fleet-footed and demanding commentary on Thomas's work in "Fotorealism and Freedom", whilst my contribution comprises five short essays about recurring motivs present in the art of Florian Thomas: water, surfaces, longing, animals and streets.

Florian Thomas: I didn't know what time it was, edited by Juergen Krieger, texts by Daniel J. Schreiber and Heike Endter in German and English, book design by Florian Thomas and Rainald Schwarz, Berlin: Jovis, 2013. Link to the publisher

(Re)Locating the Frontier

preview of a new book

Cinematic representations of the North American West, from the silent era to the present, have played an important role in the viewing experience of generations of audiences. The production of Westerns, however, is not limited to the United States. A collection of essays seeks to broaden the scholarly conversation about Westerns by considering films beyond the well-known traditions of Hollywood and Spaghetti Western.
The book (Re)Locating the Frontier - International Western Films is edited by Cynthia J. Miller and A. Bowdoin Van Riper and will be published in autumn of 2013 by Scarecrow Press. The volume contains essays on Westerns from Australia, England, Ireland, France, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Bangladesh, India, Denmark, Turkey, Kurdistan, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Japan, Hong Kong and Russia.
My contribution for the book is written on early Westerns with a German background by Luis Trenker and Fritz Lang.